The Le Magnolie farmhouse was built in a place that is surrounded by greenery and home to the Podere San Fiorano for almost a century. It is the real flagship of the area, as regards the design, construction and maintenance of its gardens and the cultivation of plants and flowers.

In the nursery, which can be reached by skirting a grove of centuries-old Magnolias, from which the farm takes its name, there are plants and shrubs of various kinds. A vast assortment of hydrangeas, perennial flowers, seasonal flowers and even the famous English roses, with their thick, showy petals, which preserve both the resistant characteristics of modern roses, and the splendid blooms and fragrances of ancient roses.

Fruit trees, vegetable seedlings and aromatic plants are also grown in the nursery.

In this place it is possible to relax completely, immerse yourself in nature, surrounded by many plants and inebriated by the scent of flowers, restore the spirit, rediscover the ancient and essential art of cultivation and learn about splendid varieties of flowers.

In the greenhouse, there are garden furniture items, ancient stone basins, a vast assortment of houseplants and succulents, seeds and even “green” themed books.